Will Catholic Toomey 'speak to power' on Trump?

In his first article for the Hill, state director Stephen Seufert explores how Senator Toomey and other Catholics are responding to the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

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Catholics And The Democratic ‘Big Tent’

In his latest article for the Huffington Post, the state director of Keystone Catholics, Stephen Seufert, writes about the supposed open and inclusive mindset of the Democratic Party and how it relates to Catholics.

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Guidelines Without Love

In a new article for the Huffington Post, the Pastoral Guidelines laid out by Philadelphia's Archbishop on Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia is examined.

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Trump and Santorum -- Promoting an Economy of Opportunity or Exclusion?

While Trump and Santorum claim to know the needs and concerns of blue-collar America, Keystone Catholics explains why that may not be the case. 

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[PRESS RELEASE] Bishop Zubik of Pittsburgh Calls For Common Sense Gun Reform

For Immediate Release

June 24, 2016

Contact: Stephen Seufert, Keystone Catholics


In a statement released by the dioceses of Pittsburgh, Bishop David A. Zubik called for common sense gun control reforms. Bishop Zubik briefly outlined national and local examples of how gun violence is tearing apart families and communities. At one point of Bishop Zubik's statement, he correctly states, "No law has ever eliminated the crime it addresses. But laws limit damage, enable the prosecution of perpetrators and make a statement about the values of our society."

"With statements like these, Bishop Zubik is displaying the kind of leadership and wisdom more Catholics should emulate. Whether or not you agree with him, Bishop Zubik's commitment to protecting life at all stages is a testament to the strength of his faith," said Stephen Seufert, state director of Keystone Catholics. "By outlining several reform measures in which gun violence can be curtailed, Bishop Zubik is signaling a willingness to engage in the kind of encounter and dialogue Pope Francis has been championing since his papacy began. I enthusiastically applaud and wholeheartedly support Bishop Zubik and ask other Pennsylvania bishops committed to peace and social justice to join him in combating gun violence."

Petition: Pennsylvania Catholics Call for Mitigating Gun Violence

Laudato Si': One Year Later

Paul Ryan's Saving Grace

In a new article for Sojo, state director Stephen Seufert explores the past history of Paul Ryan in relation to fighting poverty and how that past matches up with current promises.

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The ‘Quiet Revolution’ of Pope Francis

In a new article for Huffington Post, state director Stephen Seufert talks about the double standard on how the Church approaches the LGBT issue and how Pope Francis is quietly shifting the Church's pastoral stance on the LGBT issues.

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Why Catholics Should Stand Against Donald Trump's Extremism

In his first article for Truthout, state director Stephen Seufert outlines why the extreme views held by Donald Trump on Muslims should be opposed by Catholics.

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